First day of Albania

Hi everyoneee,

As you know, I and Hüseyin, we didn’t know any information about abroad (I am serious, we went to together to abroad first 👫) . We suddenly received a ticket for 🇦🇱 , we went to Tiran, it is capital of Albania. Firstly, we didn’t know anything about this country and we arrived at 2018 in summer and then When we reached this country we wanted go to central and we didn’t want to get in the bus because we were excited 😜 and crazed  😆 We didn’t have enough money, and Huseyin (thanks to my boy because of I stolen my phone 😢😢 I will explain later ) We deal some people in the airport, they wanted to go same place and We talked a crazy men (he tried to trick to us 😞)

  Firstly, he said; ’you could give the 50 leke’ Leke is currency for Albania. He said this is for all of you and we get in man’s taxi and totally five person in the taxi (we didn’t know before each other 🙈)  finally,  we Arrived the central and then when we gave the money to man he said ‘No all for you,  50 leke is one person ’And then we shocked 😳 but the other people didn’t give and we fighted to man.

 Hahahahaha, I am laughing now, because I and huseyin we were young and we didn’t know ANYTHING and we didn’t know ANYBODY.  We were in taxi there was a man and men. I was a only woman, and we fought for money 💰 🤣🤣🤣🤣 please imagine it, that’s really interesting 🧐 

Then, we started to walk on Tiran’s street. I remember, I guess, that time everything was interesting house, people, etc. We walked almost one hour and we arrived to hostel. We made a reservation on This was a very cheap. 

Huseyin said to me: ‘Aleyna, can you give your phone to for check in ’ I said ; OK. 

Then I looked to my bag I didn’t see my phone, I searched everywhere until my big bag but I guess,  I got it stolen or something. 

Huseyin shocked, I shocked, Hostel’s attendant shocked 🤩🤩🤩 

Anyway, we entered the hostel and we thought a long time, where is my phone, I texted to message and it was arrived, I called three times they didn’t open and then it was gone 😣😣

 Sweety iPhone 5S, I missed to…

 And I started to crying 😢 and I lost my information, photos, numbers. Huseyin and I were sad 😞 and he said to me Ok Aleyna , we will take a phone for you, and I was very happy and we took the new phone. iPhone 7 💃💃 We were saving money from a long time and we spent for me for phone ☹️(525 euro🥺) but I was very glad because Hüseyin was there, and I had a phone and we started to explore everywhere, we ate BYREK (this is traditional food in Albania ) This food can be with cheese, beef or something. And we saw central it was very small area, I guess it was not a big just it had sculptures, clock tower etc.  but I was still thinking ‘where is my phone???’

We returned to hostel after mini stroll, we needed to rest  


Have a nice and lovely day 💕


Huseyin & Aleyna

Hi everyonee,

Nice to see you. I am Aleyna! I and my boyfriend Huseyin (from beginning university 🤣) means WE Are TRAVELLER 👫 We saw almost 30 countries together at the university 💃💃 By the way, we are Biomedical Engineer (Yessss as you know it is very difficult, but we succeed, 🙈 ) .We completed the school years, and I want to share with you our memories. When I am sitting on the table, suddenly I remembered all of things and I asked to myself ‘while I am living in life why I am not sharing ’ I am sure, you will enjoy when you read.

Please, follow us and keep our blogs. 

This is our description!! Are we??

Have a nice and Lovely day 💕

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